A Parisian Summer

Summer 2019


Look Book

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The white shirt reads the French phrase "Unite Par Diversity" which translated into English is "Unity Through Diversity". This is our slogan and STAZ's mission as a company. Behind the text is the globe logo representing the world that STAZ strives to change.




The black shirt features a design both on the front and back of the shirt. On the front is the globe logo transformed into a sun for the summertime. Laid over the illustration, is the french word "ETOLIE" meaning "STAR" or in our case, "STAZ".  On the back is the same sun design. Circling the globe you can find the repeated word "ETOLIE" once again. The back also features an easter egg, see if you can find it!

When in Paris

Inspired by Men’s Paris Fashion Week FW20


After traveling abroad, STAZ is excited to drop our new "Parisian Summer" collection, so get ready to have these two brand new shirts in your wardrobe this season.


The city of Paris is filled with love, passion, and fashion. It may be a little expensive to pack your bags and go right now, so instead, we brought Paris to you! All photos were taken in Paris next to some of the most notable landmarks the country has to offer.

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