Unity Through Diversity Apparel


STAZ Industries was founded in May of 2016 by business partners and best friends Antonio Sanchez and Rafael Robles. Antonio and Rafael grew up together in the Midwest and shared a passion for design, fashion, and art. Near the end of their high school days, they decided to fully embrace their passions and pursue an apparel company.


Antonio, who comes from both a Black and Mexican descent, and Rafael, whose parents are both from Oaxaca Mexico, both grew up in an area where their ethnicities were severely underrepresented. In turn, they faced weekly, sometimes even daily, prejudice towards their background, culture, and color. They learned to deal with this negativity by laughing it off or hiding their differences. They soon realized that they should be doing the complete opposite, and should instead embrace the qualities that make them unique. Staz was born out of this idea to express one’s culture and differences rather than hide them.


In a world where racial tension continues to act as a divider, it is often difficult to see the beauty in our differences and the power of unity. Staz aims to eliminate inequalities and injustices, and envisions a future where we are all one.

Unity Through Diversity Apparel


Antonio Sanchez - Founder, CEO

Antonio is a junior attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison pursuing a degree in Economics and a certificate in Business. He is currently studying Business Fashion in Paris and was privileged enough to receive an invite to the Men’s Louis Vuitton and Dior fashion shows during Fashion Week of this year. His recent once-in-a-lifetime experiences at Fashion Week and in Paris have solidified his strong interest in the fashion industry, and have inspired him to work even harder in pursuing his passions. Outside of fashion, Antonio loves football, traveling and his two baby girl Dalmatians Nola and Mya.

Rafael Robles - Founder, Creative Director
Rafael, or “R-Star”, resides in his hometown of Waukesha, keeping close touch with the team and utilizing his artistic ability for the company. Rafa has won numerous awards in various art competitions and has had his art displayed in various museums. Rafa has extended his artistic abilities from paper to now digital graphics making him versatile in multiple different mediums. Aside from Staz, Rafa is a Mixtec native to San Agustin Atenango, Oaxaca .Mixtec languages and traditions are the most dominant of the still intact indigenous cultures. The reason for so much diversity is due in large part to the rugged mountain terrain that left many of these groups to develop in relative isolation from one another.

Wyatt Weigel - Director of Communications
Wyatt Weigel is about to enter his senior year at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Wyatts major is Community & Nonprofit Leadership but he is also pursuing a certificate in photography and film. On top of school, Wyatt actively serves the country, participating in drill monthly moving up in the rankings in the military. Wyatt takes photos and footage for the galleries found on both the website and instagram. He also helps plan the marketing plan for each collection. In his free time he likes to be with his best friends, take photos of modern landscapes, and take care of his five younger brothers.

Andre Shammo - Business Operations Manager
Andre Shammo is a young senior at the University of Wisconsin. Andres Major is Personal Finance and he hopes to eventually work in a big city after college. Andre has a unique style, wearing mostly retro based outfits and shoes. Andre is interning this summer in Madison Wisconsin learning his future career field a little better. Andre manages the finances for STAZ Industries and helps promote the company as well. In his free time Andre loves to be involved with in his fraternity, spend time with his family and friends, and take care of his puppy dog Rocky.

Other Notable Members:
Sam Scribner - Photography for Parisian Collection
Alex El Ghaui - Model for Parisian Collection
Mike Savage - Model for Parisian Collection
Matteo Palermo - Model for Parisian Collection
Duncan Miller - Model for the Parisian Collection
Abeer Harfi - Model for Pilot shirt
John Obiera - Model for Pilot shirt
Eduardo Arismendi - Model for Pilot shirt
Ben Konrath - Model for the Disorient shirt