Pantone Colors of the Year

Pantone Colors of the Year

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Pantone Green

Pantone Green

Pantone Green!

As a child I remember the Keep America Beautiful garbage cans in the cities I visited. It instilled in me the good habit that litter belongs in it’s place to keep our America looking good at all times. keep america beautiful Waukesha

My family attended most every parade to salute the troops for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. We visited the local VFW hall for a fish fry to support the veterans or the memorial park to hear the trumpets play taps for those that were buried but not forgotten. It gave us a a sense of pride that we, as Americans, were truly the Home of the Brave.

Ever serviceman or veteran that we saw, we thanked for their service as part of our “All American” team. They always replied with a “thank you” or “I was proud to serve our country.” Color, race or creed didn’t matter, an American was only known to us as true red, white and blue.

As adults it is our American duty to educate and teach the younger generations what we were taught. Keep America Beautiful for it is the Home of the Brave.

When visiting our store in Waukesha make sure to share stories of your service or those of a loved one. #homeofthebrave

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